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Autumn Days

This week, the Ladybird class have been thinking about the seasons of the year. We have chosen our favourite season and shared what we like about it. To begin the week, Reverend Jo came to visit us to celebrate ‘Harvest Festival’. She shared a poem about the colour of the leaves at this time of year. Reverend Jo thanked us for the donations of food, and explained how these gifts would brighten up someone’s day.

Here is the link to the song we learned and performed for Reverend Jo and later in the week to the school.

On Tuesday, following a story called ‘The Leaf Thief’ by Alice Hemming, we went for an autumn walk around our beautiful school grounds. We saw different things on the walk, including colourful leaves, branches that had fallen on to the ground, pieces of bark from the trees and some apples and berries.

We know there are at least two squirrels who live near our classroom, as we often see them scampering across the playground, but when we were on the walk they were hiding away.

So now we know, that the seasons are changing throughout the year and the weather is often a good clue that helps us to decide which season we are experiencing. 

The Ladybirds have worked extremely hard this term. They are looking forward to a short break, when they can enjoy some time at home. I will look forward to hearing all about their holiday, when we do our news writing during the first week back at school.

Have a great half term and I hope the weather is kind and allows you to venture outside before winter arrives!