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National Storytelling week

This week we have been celebrating National Storytelling week.

This week we have been celebrating National Storytelling week. We have told lots of stories to Miss Roscoe, and then have acted them out to our friends in class. Some stories were about far off places, dragons and unicorns, and some were about our families, pets and school friends. All of them were fantastic, well done Ladybirds! 

Our investigation into animals around the world has continued with animals who are from Australia. We learnt that a fully grown kangaroo can jump up to 9 metres! We measured this in the classroom and took turns to try to beat it…

We have also learnt and performed a poem by John Cotton called Kangaroos! 

Our art this week allowed us to explore Aboriginal art from Australia. We had great fun decorating the geckos with colourful dots. We also explored colour mixing again, this time whilst getting messy! We painted each hand a different primary colour, and then we predicted what colour would be made when we rubbed them together. The children had great fun getting so messy, and most of them were correct with their predictions! 

This week, our Jigsaw focus has been having a positive attitude. The children in Ladybirds have worked really hard to be positive during the school day. When things have not gone the way that they may have wanted, the children have used this focus to see the positives. This has meant we have also seen fantastic resilience from them when they have another go. We are very proud of you all!