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Handa's surprise!

This week we read a story called Handa’s surprise by Eileen Browne. In the story, Handa meets lots of naughty African animals who steal her fruit! We tasted some of this fruit on Friday whilst listening to some Kenyan music. We felt the fruit before we cut it up. Some were hard on the outside and some were soft. We discussed the passionfruit and why it might have such a hard outside. Some children said it was to stop animals eating the fruit inside, and some said that it was to stop people standing on it and squishing it! Good ideas everyone. Then we predicted what the fruit would look like on the inside. When we looked at the outside of the avocado, we thought it might be white on the inside. We were very surprised when we found out it was green! 

When we had tasted them all, we decided which fruit was our favourite and put the results on a pictogram. The pineapple was the most popular with 11 votes.

We have also begun to look at a painting called ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh, a famous artist from the Netherlands. When we looked at where the Netherlands were on the map, lots of children recognised that the Netherlands is in Europe, well done Ladybirds! 

We had a look at some constellations and created our own with chalk and star stickers on black sugar paper. We also learnt that the brightest star in the sky is called the North Star! 

In Bushcraft this week, Mr Earl showed us the Silver Birch trees and the Hazel tree in our playground. We spoke about what these trees can be used for, and he even set fire to a little bit of the Silver Birch tree to show us how flammable it is! It was VERY exciting.