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Oh Bee-have!

Beekeeping Workshop sees children dressed to impress!

What a scorching week it has been. Phew!  The weather has actually tied in nicely to the beekeeping masterclass from Miss. McMylor, who herself keeps bees at home. The children got to experience wearing the outfits, holding the equipment, learning how to open honeycombs and how to separate the lovely honey from them. They also got to taste what it was like, not to mention see what other products can be made from bee production. It was a fabulous learning occasion and one the children all enjoyed being part of.

I do not usually use this platform to highlight something that concerns me, but please can all parents ensure they are supervising their children closely before and after school whilst on the premises. Avoidable accidents have happened recently, due to children not being with their parent and they have tripped and hurt themselves. We have Infant children using our Junior school railings as a climbing frame and we have Infant children running around the school bins, sheds and trees well away from their parents. I do not want to stop children being children nor do we want to wrap them in a protective bubble, but at these times there is no need for accidents and injuries to be happening. I am sure I have your support and understanding in this matter.

This week we had our open evening for the new Reception parents and it was a very informative and pleasant event to meet most of our new intake. We hope everyone felt the same. Thank you to those who attended and used their time wisely to ask questions and to see around the school. I am sure your children will enjoy themselves a great deal when they are with us. 

The children in Year 1 and some from Year 2  have been busily completing their Phonics Screening Checks and doing their very best to read the words shown to them. I have no doubt the new Phonics approach, Little Wandle, will have had a positive impact on the results. 

Next week, we have our open evening for our new Year 3 parents and look forward to yet more lovely weather.

Have a great weekend everyone!