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Head Straight To the Top!

Hickling House Captains take over Headteacher duties!

Hello, we are the Hickling House Captains who have been Headteachers for the day. Over this morning, we went on a learning walk to see whether the pupils knew when they had been successful in their work. We were pleased to find out that everyone that we spoke to were fully aware of their own achievements and could tell us in many different ways how they had been successful. After that, we took a trip to the Infant School where we hosted their celebration assembly. Then, we supervised their breaktime with the other adults and played with the younger children, it was fun! When the fun had ended, we read with the Reception children, whilst Mr. Young covered Mrs. Allen.

After lunch, we spent some money on new sporting resources to make our after-school club more fun. In discussion with Mr. Young, we contacted a flooring specialist and invited them in to give us a price to renovate the school hall. We also helped prepare for sports' day. We had lots of fun and enjoyed our cups of tea. Thank you for the opportunity.

It has been very hot lately and I reiterate it is so important for your children to all be wearing sun cream and to bring with them a sun hat and water bottle each day. Interacting with the children at breaks and lunchtimes has been highly rewarding and they clearly enjoy being outside. 

Hopefully, you all received the letter regarding new classes and transition arrangements and are all looking forward to being in your new classes with your new staff on Monday 3rd July. 

Next week, we will also be welcoming in the library Service who are visiting to talk to the pupils about the Summer Reading Challenge.

Have a great weekend everyone!