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The Five "Ds" of Dodgeball

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and...Dodge! Dodgeball Enrichment session welcomes in the October half-term!

This week has been extremely busy with events, such as our parent-teacher meetings, so it was great to end the week with an enjoyable sporting enrichment session of Dodgeball for everyone to take part in. All children took to this sport swiftly and played nicely with one another. It was great to see Reception class taking part too with so many smiles on their faces. I saw many showing an early potential in their throwing accuracy and catching. 

The weather this week has been horrendous and has interfered with so many of our planned events across the Federation, none more so than the important walk to the village Church for our Harvest celebrations. Children do need to learn the value of walking around the village and the significance of attending school events held in Church, but the rain was simply too unpredictable and we would have only managed to get soaked through. Luckily, Rev. Jo came to school instead to hold the assembly. Thank you for so many donations of foodstuffs particularly during these challenging times. All will be handed over to the Martham Foodbank. 

I hope you all managed to have a positive parent-teacher meeting this week and whether over the phone, via camera or in-person, you felt they were informative alongside the written reports. It is so very important to work together with us to help your child in their educational journey. 

It is half-term now and I cannot stress enough the importance of personal safety on any Fireworks and/or Bonfire Night gatherings you may be attending.

Stay safe and I will see everyone again soon on Monday 30th October.