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There's no such thing as a Gruffalo!

Outdoor Learning uncovers a familiar friend!

I have been really pleased with the continuation of our pupils taking their learning outside and this week, the Gruffalo has been seen wandering the grounds. Before anybody it was not me :) The children really engage with learning outside and Mrs. Bunker has been a real trend-setter in promoting this across the school. i have no doubt there is more to come. 

It was good to see all the teachers this week for their pupil progress meetings. Lots of important plans in place to help develop pupils' learning and attainment further. The pupils are very lucky to have such dedicated staff teaching them. I was also impressed by the team preparing the improvements to our writing curriculum in order to tie this in with the evolution of our main curriculum. 

I have put out a reminder that class water bottles should contain water only. This is due to more and more of them being filled with sugary squashes and/or fizzy drinks. Obviously, if there is a medical requirement where a child must have other fluids instead of water this is acceptable, but not liking the taste of water, which has no taste, is not a medical need. Pupils are allowed to have fruit juice or squash in their lunches, just not in the classrooms. Therefore, now is the time to work with us to train our pupils to drink more water. This is far healthier and enables them to be more effectively hydrated improving both concentration and behaviour throughout the day. This can be achieved with parents and staff persevering and being committed to change. Try offering the child a small reward for drinking most or all of it at the end of the day. If your child enjoys cold drinks, almost fill the water bottle and put it in the freezer overnight. The water will stay cold as it melts at school the next day. Teachers are also happy to reward children who show efforts in drinking their water via Dojo points. 

Next week, we will have further outdoor learning slots to enjoy.  

Have a great weekend everyone!