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Ice and Snow Appears!

Snow falls and excitement rises!

Brrrrrrr! It has been an exceptionally cold week this week with the additional danger of snow and ice making road and pavement surfaces very slippery and dangerous. Thankfully, we have not had any issues and the children listened very well to the safety talk about the snow and ice, so they could enjoy being outside in it, because we all know snow does not always happen very often. 

The children across the school have continued to enjoy the outside areas and this week Dragonflies have been making biodegradable bird feeders. Winter is a particularly hard time of year for birds and beasties and every little help we can give them means they can look forward to Spring with greater success. I do like seeing the resident robin who puts in a daily appearance around the site. I have no doubt the robin will enjoy the feeders.

Next week, I have the pleasure of popping into classes to see how the pupils are expanding their minds with all that knowledge and ensuring they are retaining it. You cannot beat being in a working classroom for the buzz of happy children busily engaging with their studies. 

Have a safe weekend everyone and mind the ice. Let us hope it has all melted by next week.