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Bee-Bot Time!

Computing sessions see children programming a Bee-Bot

This week, it has been enjoyable going round the Infant classes and seeing what the children have been learning all about. In particular, I was mightily impressed by the Computing sessions whereby children got to programme the Bee-Bots around a specific geographical landscape. The Children love it when technology is used in the learning and this session engaged them all. 

At the beginning of the week, we had a storyteller visit, Paul Jackson, and he had the children hanging off his every word with the tales he was sharing. He made his stories come alive with musical accompaniment and the children were thoroughly engaged. 

I think we are extremely fortunate that we have a very supportive, school-family community across the Federation and such a relationship is important to maintain for all of our children throughout their educational journey. As a result, should it ever arise that there is an issue between pupils, we advise all parents to notify the school to deal with and discourage any parent from approaching other parents to resolve the matter directly. Even with the best of intentions to ensure the interactions remain polite, this can cause the parents and children involved to feel intimidated and embarrassed at a time when emotions are already heightened. It is often the case that the full details have not been established and a small concern becomes a much larger matter to resolve unnecessarily.  

Next week, we have Safer Internet Day to look forward to learning all about how to stay safe online. 

Have a great weekend everyone!