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Book Day Barmy!

World Book Day follows Book Fair to raise the importance of having a love of reading!

The week has flown by with World Book Day taking the lead on events. It was great to see so many children and staff dressed up in their favourite book character outfits. I have to say I am not sure I could have named all of them. I must be getting old. It was also brilliant to see the children listening to the staff reading their various stories. They all sat quietly and joined in the fun. 

It was a proud moment to see the Ranworth House Captains today being Headteachers and leading an Infant celebration assembly with such confidence. They also interviewed the children and i was thrilled to hear all pupils spoke with such positivity about their learning. Well done all round. 

Next week, we have the Speed Stacking trip to ENSFC on Thursday 9th March for some Years 1 and 2 pupils, who showed they had the hand speed to stack cups as fast as they could. I am positive they will have lots of fun. 

Have a great weekend everyone!