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Nurture, Pastoral Support & Safeguarding Information

(To report any form of abuse, please click on the image below which will take you to the CEOP website.)

(Please use the attachments to see further E-Safety guidance and other supportive information - Information about Safeguarding when visiting our school and who our Designated Safeguarding Leads are can be found in the leaflet also attached.)

Pastoral Support is a real strength at Ormesby Village Schools Federation. We pride ourselves on our nurturing ethos and aim to make everyone feel at home.

We are lucky enough to have pastorally trained staff. If you ever need to talk to staff about any school or family issues please just pop into the office and ask, phone or email the school office.

We are here to help with a wide variety of issues, including:

  • School/Home Behaviour
  • Issues around Eating
  • Parenting 
  • Bereavement
  • Family Breakdowns
  • Financial Worries
  • Communication Problems
  • Health Issues
  • E-Safety
  • Housing Worries
  • Mental Health

Please use the following links if you require any further support with a particular worry or concern involving your child:


At Ormesby Infant, we have our nurture space called the H.I.D.E (Helping Individuals Develop Emotionally), which can support all our pupils in need. This may include sensory support or offering Toast Time for children displaying specific vulnerabilities or emotional needs.

Children in need are invited to sit round the table to share toast. During this time, they are encouraged to talk to each other and good behaviours are modelled by our trained staff.

Toast time offers the children a chance to chat, mix with different children, promotes manners, hand and eye coordination-buttering their toast for example, trying different foods and social skills. It also gives every child who comes a chance to eat something healthy at the start of the day round a friendly, calm and nurturing table, like they have in their family home.